I Love creating ANd I believe everyone can create something. i’m a self-taught hand-lettering artist but I’ve been interested in arts since a very young age. But it was difficult to pursue that since everyone and everything around me was more of a work/fame guided. Had to become an engineer, it seemed, but God had other plans.

Keeping it short, I did my bachelors in multimedia and started freelancing after graduating. Developed my love for photography and freelanced as a photographer for a while, then as a graphic designer. came across this art of hand-lettering a couple of years back and it intrigued me to try, and glad to say, never looked back since then.  My desire, as the site name suggests, is to inspire, encourage and motivate all you amazing people to take up the road less traveled. beautiful things happen outside of the comfort zone. Thanks for being part of my journey.

Please feel free to drop any requests for custom orders or queries for workshops or even tutorials, I’ll be happy to help.


Georgy Roy.


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