Georgy’s Ink Brushes


Hello fellow creative! So excited to share with you my Ink Brush Set that I’ve been working on it for few months. Worked and tweaked a whole lot to achieve the desired look which is now for you to use.

These brushes give that raw, authentic, grunge feeling of ink, paint and brush strokes.

Please note: These brushes will only work in the Procreate App. You’ll need a zip file opener to open this file

This brush set includes 8 brushes for you.

Tweak the settings as you like and create some amazing artworks.

Tip : use multiple brushes together to achieve different results and looks.



Please note: These brushes will only work in the Procreate App.

Brushes included :

  1. Wet Paint – To achieve the smooth, liquid look.
  2. Wet Ink – Use this to create more details and fine lines.
  3. Grunge Brush – To have the rough edges. Can also be used as with other brushes to achieve a different look.
  4. Wet Fills – To fill the gaps. Play with opacity.
  5. Rough Mix – Use to create more rough outlines.
  6. Bristle – Smooth brush look.
  7. Pencil – Rough pencil.
  8. Paint Splatter – Use to create drips and splatter effects around your artwork.

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Note : The download link expires in 3 days.


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